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Zayn Malik, The English Teacher

I sat in my last class of the day with the hottest teacher in school, Mr. Malik. I had him everyday and it was the class that caused me to have sexual frustration. I bit my lip as he rolled up his sleeves and began to write on the chalkboard the new project that was being assigned. I didn't even look at what he was writing, I was just staring at the vein in his neck. It was causing me so much frustration that I had to take the deepest breath possible causing everyone around me, including him, to look at me. I blushed and looked down at my book.

It was 5 minutes until the end of class and everyone began to pack up. "(Y/N) Stay after class please." I looked up at him as all my friends smirked at me, "ohh you're in trouble." They teased. They all left when the bell rang, leaving me with the teacher that me had fantasies about. I bit my lip as I watched him walk up to the door.

He closed the door and walked over to me. I looked up at him, "Yes Mr. Malik?" "Stand up please, (Y/N)" I looked confused as I stood up. He looked over me and bit his lip. (Insert picture) "Your last essay..." he trailed off. "What about it?" I asked as I leaned up against my desk. "It was intersting but it didn't go with the theme of the assignment.." "What do you mean?" I asked super confused and then I remembered, the same time I wrote the essay I also wrote a smut fanfiction.

My eyes went wide, "Oh god...I'm so sorry Mr. Malik!"
He smiled softly and chuckled a bit, "Don't worry about it." He put a hand on my arm, looking into my eyes. I don't know what I was thinking but I leaned in and kissed him. To my surprise, he kissed me back. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he deepened the kiss, slipping his tongue into my mouth.

I tangled my fingers in his hair and tugged on his hair a bit. I gasped a bit as his hands grabbed my ass and he growled like an animal. I bit my lip as he began to kiss my neck. I tugged on his hair again and he growled and put me up against the wall.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and moved his head up to kiss me again. I kissed him roughly, running my fingers through his hair as his hands traveled down my sides and went to the edge of my shorts. I pulled him closer by his hair as he began to rub me through my shorts. I moaned softly, "Fuck Mr. Malik." I breathed out against his lips.

He smirked, "Call me Zayn." His voice deep and rough. He sat me on a desk and unzipped my shorts. He kissed my neck as he took of my shorts and began to rub me through my panties. I moaned very loudly and he bit down on my neck, "Quieter love, don't want get caught before we've even started." He whispered to me before he sucked on my neck, leaving a hickey.

I bit my lip to keep back from moaning his name very loudly. I took a deep breath as he took off my panties and kneeled in front of me. He kissed my inner thighs and breathed out against my core. He licked my clit and sucked on it a bit as he held my thighs. I moaned and put my hand on his hand, pushing him closer. I wanted more and I got more.

He sucked harder on my clit while putting a finger in me. He began to thrust his finger in and out of me while i'm moaning softly. I felt him smirk against me and he shoved in another 2 fingers.

"Fuck! Zayn, please stop teasing me." I begged, wanting him inside me. He looked up at me, smirking a bit. "I'm your teacher, you follow my orders." I bit my lip a bit and opened my mouth, "Please?" I tried one last time. He shook his head and sucked on my clit, biting on it gently. I moaned so loudly I almost screamed, my head tilted back with my eyes closed.

Within a few seconds of that intense motion, there was another one. I heard a zipper and opened my eyes to see Zayn pulling down his pants and boxers. I bit my lip as he placed his hands on my hips and thrusted into me, "Fuck, you're so fucking tight!" He groaned as I moaned loudly, almost screaming. He kissed me roughly, to shut me up.

I wrapped my arms around his neck as he pounded into me. My moans silenced by his lips against mine. Each thrust caused a new moan and groan made by both of us. As his thrusts became a bit sloppier I knew he was about to climax and so was I. "Zayn.. I'm.. cum.." My sentence was slow since he was still thrusting into me, "Cum for me." He said, not sounding phased. His voice still deep and rough.

I came and after a few thrusts so did he. I panted and so did he. He pulled out and pulled up his pants. I bit my lip and took a deep breath. I picked up my shorts and he smacked my ass, causing me to whimper. I put on my panties and shorts while looking at him. I kissed him and pulled back, "I guess I'll see you tomorrow after school Mr. Malik." I smirked and grabbed my bag.


Stevie J Be Like ^^^ πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜²πŸ˜²πŸ˜²βœŒπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

looooooooooooooool funny cause thats exactly hw he talksΒ 


Cake | Cookies | Sweet baking inspiration :)



Cake | Cookies | Sweet baking inspiration :)

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lemme tell u sumpn bout grill cheese and jam sandwich »»>

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